Meet, Discuss, Create.


Flexible Facilites

With access to a wide array of facilities both inside KMT House and in the garden, coworkers are able to host events and workshops, organize team-building activities, and work in groups or individually.

Cairo's Fastest Internet

In 2012, Amazon found that it would lose £1.6 billion in sales every year for every one-second delay in loading pages. While we may not all be Amazon (yet!) we do all need fast, reliable internet in a city notorious for bad connections. For that reason, we've partnered up with the best providers in the country to make sure that you're online, all the time.

Inspirational Spaces

At KMT, we understand how spaces can affect our creativity and our ability to work. From indoor spaces that allow for constructive coworking to cosy corners for solo research and thinking to a large garden and cafe for a breath of fresh air and an opportunity to reconnect with nature, we have you covered.


Whether you're organizing a conference for urban change-makers or bringing together disruptors in a hackathon, our meeting rooms come fully equipped with smart boards and projectors, complete with cafe and catering services. Our modular meeting rooms are adjustable for roundtables, presentations, and multiple workshops, with an expansive an outdoor area for networking activities.

24/7 Access

KMT is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with weekly activities that are open to the public. Smart card accessibility ensures complete privacy and security for coworkers.

Need A Room?

Our doors are open. We're looking for people or organisations that want to make
an impact on the urban environment. You'll be working alongside a variety of
people who have their own vision of what Cairo will look like in the future.

Whether you're a start-up or an established organisation, as long as you're
passionate about cities, you're welcome with us!