Why KMT?

KMT (Kemet) is the name for Ancient Egypt.
It means: ‘black soil’ after the Nile inundation, which made possible
the whole cultivation and civilization of the otherwise desert landscape of Egypt.

The word alchemy is derived from KMT and often refers
to a process of transformation and creation.

Powered by District Spaces and progrss, KMT is the home of urban innovators in Egypt.

We aim to unite a new wave
of entrepreneurs who will
re-envision the future of cities.

The Story of KMT House

Designed as a hub for urban innovators, KMT House is the beating heart of urbantech in Cairo – a city with endless challenges that only inspired entrepreneurs can begin to address. KMT House is a gathering place for creative minds to think

At the turn of the century, the historic villa in the Cairo suburb of Maadi that is now home to urban innovators was a pension sporting club, and later became a community hub for German Jews living in Cairo prior to and during World War II.

Supported by Drosos Foundation

Drosos Foundation is a private non-profit organization established in Switzerland in late 2003 that aims to support people in difficult circumstances to live a life of dignity through projects in Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Germany and Switzerland.

In Egypt, Drosos Foundation focuses on strengthening partnerships and capacity building through its supported projects on economic development, entrepreneurship, promoting creativity, and supporting creative economies.

Drosos Foundation is ideologically, politically and religiously independent.


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