Come Together


KMT House hosts everything from cosy fireside chats to larger sector-specific talks about nascent technologies. Our lectures cover topics like urban food, the Internet of Things, psychotherapy and the city, and the role of artists in placemaking, drawing in a community of practitioners who work to contribute to the health and well-being of our cities.


Our exhibitions invite entrepreneurs, established businesses, individuals, and groups to showcase their products to an audience of investors, changemakers and market leaders, allowing them to gain exposure and built rapport with their customers.

Product Demos

As a hub for urban changemakers, KMT will give you an audience for product demos, giving you the time and space to gather constructive feedback and critical viewpoints.


Whether they are dealing with art and public space or reconciling the human psyche with the city through psychotherapy, our performances engage a community of artists working to create ripples of change through their work.


From the future of African cities to techie get-togethers to gaming weekends, conferences at KMT House welcome all members of the community to engage.

Focus Groups

A safe, neutral place, KMT House is the place to go for constructive feedback and real-time user responses on your product or service.

Got Something in Mind?

Aside from holding our own events, our space is available for hire.

With state-of-the-art sound and light equipment, technicians, and a community
to support the growth of your event, we've got it covered.