Managing Cities the Smart Way

Whether you’re waiting in line for a new building license in San Francisco,
stuck in a traffic jam in Cairo for 2 hours or waiting for the electricity to
come back in Delhi, you are sorely aware of just how inadequate our
current urban infrastructure is in meeting our needs. In fact, cities have
yet to tap into the full spectrum of technologies and innovations that can
improve quality of life for their citizens.

Which is where urbantech comes in.


Urbantech is a nascent form of innovation that describes technologies and startups that aim to make cities more liveable, sustainable and resilient.

It could be an IOT framework that controls a transport network, a data analytics startup that provides statistical models for land use, a payment system that uses blockchain principles, a home automation network that optimizes energy use, or an AI algorithm that monitors security threats.

In short, urbantech is anything that promises to improve the quality of life of urbanites or provides city leaders with tools to manage their cities more efficiently and sustainably.

"Cities will require $78 trillion in infrastructure in the next 10 years. Let's build
better, smarter, and in more resilient ways."

Michael Berkowitz, President, 100 Resilient Cities

An Opportunity for Cairo

A report by Euromonitor International puts Cairo at the top of the world’s fastest
growing cities, with the expectation that it will increase its overall population by
500,000 in 2017.

As a mega-city and hub for both the Middle East and Africa, Cairo can and will play a
strategic role in the region. It is home to disruptive companies like Schaduf, Rakna,
Bey2ollak, Trafisense, Clayola, Biodiesel Egypt, and Tibasolar that are providing out
of the box solutions to the city’s challenges. It is these companies – which promise to
disrupt, innovate and create – that we welcome at KMT as we create an ecosystem
for urbantech that can aid the development of Cairo and other mega-cities in
emerging markets across the globe.